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Island Getaways in Mozambique

. Mozambique has a plethora of Island destinations including the

Quirimbas Archipelago and Bazaruto

just to name a few.
The Quirimbas Islands lie in the Indian Ocean off northeastern


, close to


, the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado.
The archipelago consists of about 27 islands, including

Ibo, Matemo, Medjumbe, Quirimba,Metundo,Quisiva and Rolas Island.

Originally home to fishing settlements, the islands' population grew around Arab trading posts and thrived under the Portuguese trading routes when it was known as the Ilhas de Sao Lazaro (Islands of St. Lazarus). Today, many of the islands are uninhabitated.
These islands are known for their high-quality diving sites, including phenomenal drop-offs, some up to 400 meters. The

Quirimbas National Park

, spanning an area of 7 500 km˛, includes the 11 most southerly islands, which are partly surrounded by mangroves. The park was established in 2002.

Bazaruto Archipelago

is a group of six islands in


, near the mainland city of Vilankulo. It comprises the islands of

Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina (also known as Paradise Island) and Shell.

The group belongs to the Vilankulo and Inhassoro districts of Inhambane Province.
The islands were formed from sand deposited by the Save River, which has since shifted its course. Tourist attractions include sandy beaches, coral reefs, and opportunities for surfing and fishing. The archipelago became a National Park in 1971. There is a wide abundance of reef fish, Surgeon, Moorish Idols, Parrot, Angel and Butterfly fish to name but a few. Giant Turtles, Game fish and Devil rays are regularly seen and for the lucky few the elusive Dugong. All live free in this conservation paradise, proclaimed a National Park and recognised as a Gift to the Earth by the WWF.[1]
Santa Carolina is a true rock island with deep channels and is just 3 km by 0.5 km in size. It has three beautiful beaches with coral reefs close to the shore. The island, also known as

Paradise Island

for obvious reasons is regarded as the ‘gem’ of the islands forming the

Bazaruto Archipelago

which is a proclaimed marine national park that boasts sensational beaches and magnificent scenery.
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